About Us

Al-Erfan for educational consulting and professional development ( ECEDP ) is a private institution specialized in various fields of education, supervised by Prof . Dr. Mohamed El-Hannach and scientifically supervised by a team of experts specialized in the different fields of modern education, belonging to many public and private institutions, and working in several countries around the world .
Al- Erfan specializes in educational services for government and private organizations in the world, and particularly in the Arab world. Among its objectives:

- Teaching Arabic to non - Arabic speakers from different countries and belonging to different nationalities

- Developing tests to assess Arabic skills for non-Arabic speakers of different levels of learning

- Training teachers of all disciplines, by making use of the latest educational standards.

- Drafting and developing educational materials to the latest international standards (including objectives and skills approach)

- Evaluating educational programs in all disciplines

- Preparing administrative frameworks for the management of educational institutions in the Arab world .

- Preparing executives for public and private teaching institutions, to teach various subjects

- Preparing national and international tests and their implementation in the field of education in the different countries of the world

- Monitoring the educational development of educational institutions in the public and private sector in many parts of the world

- Evaluate schools and teachers according to the latest teaching methods followed worldwide

- Assessing learning outcomes from the perspective of evolution in the world of education

- Evaluating education outputs, in relation to old approaches implemented in the modern world

- Publication of specialized scientific journals in the field of education and scientific research at all levels