Aarabic Intensive Training Program (AITP) - Program

The Arabic Intensive Training Program (AITP) is an intensive four-week Arabic program at Al Erfan, Morocco. The program addresses all key aspects of foreign language acquisition, focusing on Arabic as a Foreign Language. The aim behind this training is to make the candidate familiar with test procedure and skills. A three-week solid theoretical foundation phase will be followed by a one-week practical training phase at the Arabic Teaching.

Al Erfan, Intensive Program of Modern Arabic’s, main goal is to enhance the students’ skills in oral communication and develop their writing skills through standard learning strategies, with a cultural back up immersion program that introduces the students to the everyday life style and ongoing cultural and artistic events scheduled in and around their stay in Morocco. Part of our goal is also to develop not only learning of Arabic, but also future Arabists who meet the standards of scholarship for students who wish to specialize in areas of research that may enrich their  field of research in different areas of Arabic literature, history, etc…

Al Erfan AITP includes a cohort of renowned experts in Arabic and second language acquisition disciplines with rich teacher training experience. Our teachers are all graduates from different universities around the world, with a solid background of teaching methodologies of Arabic as a second language to non-native speakers of Arabic.  They are highly competent Standard Arabic teachers who are equipped with current foreign language acquisition and instruction theory, pedagogical tools, and practical experience.

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