In this test, we have adopted TOEFL's same international standards, and followed CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) guidelines, as being the basis of many international language tests such as IELTS (British system), DALF in French language, and selectividad  in the Spanish language, among other languages following the same framework.

The test is based on the same language skills, on which all the pre-existing tests are based on: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening; In addition, to a new added skill language testing, due to the specificity of Arabic language, in which mastering grammar and syntax is at the heart of its learning, without which a learner can never be able to communicate.

Furthermore, our database contains more than 6000 questions, based on Prometric standards, and divided on the already mentioned skills. In addition, the totality of this database is placed on a software program that operate on internet as well as Intranet through a special website that will be ready in the coming few weeks.

We are now at an advanced stage of test preparation. It is now ready to be applied on the largest possible number of non-Arabic speaker candidates. The assessment was according to different samples around the world, and the results were to be satisfactory.


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